Trying to do some good.

Recently there has been a wide array of stories I have seen that I have wanted to share with you all on my blog.  I have unfortunately let time get the best of me and have not been sharing these stories.

Today I am going to share a quick story about some good I have done this Christmas season.

Recently I donated to the ARL Boston’s 2012 Holiday Tree.  I purchased an ornament that will hang on their first annual Boston Holiday Tree for Pets that features the adorable faces of my two loving dogs Toby and Watson (see below).  The tree is located at Boston Center for the Arts on Tremont St in Boston’s South End.  If you are in the neighborhood  try to find the ornament with these two on it!!

Picture used for the ARL Boston's Holiday Tree

Picture used for the ARL Boston’s Holiday Tree

To see pictures from the ARL Boston’s Tree lighting ceremony click here.

I also went last week to the Animal Rescue League’s Dedham branch to drop off a couple of very for trash bags full of linen for the shelter’s guests.  While it can be hard to donate money to our favorite organizations there are plenty that you can greatly assist without having to spend a dime.  Simply clean out your closets! Donate old towels, sheet, blankets, sweatshirts to your local animal shelter.  They utilize these items for bedding to keep the animals from having to sleep on the cold ground or metal cages.  Donate old clothes, house hold items you haven’t used in years, books, etc.  Many times you can schedule a pick up from a local charity or you can drop these items off at bins around town.

The simple fact is that you can help animals and people in your community with out out having to spend a dime!

What are some things you have done recently to make a difference and help out your community?


Moving = Cleaning, and Cleaning = Donations

You can help others by donating with out having to open your wallet!! 

This weekend I moved back in with my parents and their two wonderful dogs Toby, and Watson.

Having spent the last few weeks packing and the upcoming weeks unpacking and organizing I decided it was a good time to donate some items I no longer have a need for.

I have gathered up some gently worn towels, sheets, pillowcases, and other linens and will be donating them to the Animal Rescue League of Boston as they are always in need of linens to be used for beds for their shelter residents.

I have also been looking through old clothes and toys to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters and have already filled a trash bag full of things I no longer need and know will make some child very happy!

I know we usually think of spring for cleaning out our closets and getting rid of all that extra stuff but I challenge you to fill a bag or two and donate it!  Organizations like Big Brother Big Sister even allow you to schedule a pick-up online, doesn’t get much easier than that.

I’ll update when I have sorted through all of the mess and hopefully will have created a couple sizable donations for these great organizations!