Bringing Bunny Home

So it all started when I shared a photo the  ARL Boston posted on their facebook page with my friends, seen below:

Shared from the ARL Boston's Facebook page

Shared from the ARL Boston’s Facebook page

I was more than thrilled when my Aunt responded to the post asking questions about the bunny and the adoption process.  Since the shelter is closed on Mondays she waited till they reopened Tuesday afternoon and inquired about paying the adoption fee for little Bugs for my birthday present.  We found out that this would indeed be feasible so the next day I drove into Boston with pictures of his new home.


Playing with Bugs at the ARL Boston

Playing with Bugs at the ARL Boston

We visited each other for a while and he seemed like a sweet little bunny.  He was very curious and friendly hopping all over the visiting room and coming over to hop on my lap.  After out visit I knew he was going to be a new furry friend of mine; so I filled out some paper work, had interview with the shelter staff and was ready to bring my new friend home.

About to be buckled in for the drive home

About to be buckled in for the drive home

Bugs seems happy in his new home so far and enjoys hopping around and exploring his new place, his favorite place so far would be under my bed (adventures in rabbit proofing will be in full force soon).  He is now named Charleston Chew, Charlie or Chewy for short since he certainly is a chewer!!

Happy in his new home!

Happy in his new home!

Who would have thought that the simple share of a photo would bring this little guy into my life.  Possibly on of the Best (and cutest) birthday gifts ever!!

Charleston Chew!

Charleston Chew!


Meet Dexter Grey

In honor of October being Adopt a Shelter Dog Month I wanted to showcase some of the wonderful shelter dogs in my life.

This past summer my cousin adopted a wonderful little puppy.  She’s is now the proud Mommy of little Dexter Grey (who won’t be little for long since he is an American Bulldog and Chocolate Lab Mix).

Dexter was adopted in July, 2012 how he came to live with his new mom is a story of love at first site and fate.  Dexter’s mom had gone to the shelter to look at a litter of puppies that were available for adoption, out of the corner of her eye she an adorable little chocolate brown and white puppy with a pair amazing golden eyes.  He was one puppy in a litter who had arrived at the shelter because the owner’s of their mother would not be able to care for so many puppies. She asked to hold him and it was love at first site!  But as in any good love story there was one hurdle these two needed to overcome in order to be together forever, the fact that he was already adopted!

Well the stars must have aligned in their favor on that day because the wife of the man who was planning on adopting him told him no more dogs.  Fate? I think yes.

Dexter on his way to his new home!

He was brought into a loving home with humans who are there wait on him, spoil him, and love him unconditionally!

I got to meet him for the first time about a month ago, and he is still pure puppy! Full of bounding energy and looking for mischief one minute and then snuggling and sleeping in your lap like a little angel the next.  I wish I lived closer to be able to see him all the time and watch him grow to be the big wonderful dog I envision hew will become.

Dexter and me during my visit!

Dexter’s adoption fee covered his first round of shots, a microchip, and the cost of having him neutered.  This is the case with many shelters around the country, just adding to the list of reasons why you should Adopt not Shop!