A Vegetarian in Texas!

So last week I had the pleasure of getting to go to Texas for the third time for work.  I love being out of the office, its so nice to have a change of pace and scenery and to not feel like I am chained to my desk all day.

For this trip I went to Greenville, TX about an hour away from Dallas.  I also was fortunate enough to spend some time one afternoon in Dallas wandering the streets and getting to see some of the city. It was much warmer than Boston has been making walking through the city a very pleasant experience.  I started in Pioneer Plaza, but unfortunately did not make it to the Dallas Farmer’s Market as I was originally hoping to, I parked on one side of the city and as I was heading to the Farmer’s Market the streets started to look less friendly so I changed my route and headed to the Arts District and Uptown.

Pioneer Plaza: Dallas TX

Pioneer Plaza: Dallas TX

Park across from the Dallas Museum of Art

Park across from the Dallas Museum of Art

I very much enjoyed getting to take a break from walking and sit and enjoy the day at this really neat park across from Museum of Art.  They had some really awesome features; the coolest playground for kids I’ve ever seen and a dog park, and tons of seating to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends!

The Greenville area is full of barbecue joints and fried chicken! Not exactly a vegetarians ideal hang out and quite different then my experience in LA where I did not even have to try to find a vegetarian joint.

I always try to choose a hotel that has breakfast in the morning, it is so convenient to be able to walk down stairs and eat and not have to worry about finding some place and then waiting in line etc.  While the breakfast buffet is full of delicious choices I stick to my usual oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter and just watch as others make the delicious waffles.

oatmeal, fruit and orange juice: a healthier start to the day

oatmeal, fruit and orange juice: a healthier start to the day

Lunch when I travel for work almost always consists of a salad from the hospital cafeteria salad bar and occasionally some soup or crackers and hummus.  Depending on where I am and who I am travelling influences what my dinner plans end up being.  For this trip the hotel was located across the parking lot for an Applebee’s large chains like this are usually safe for me as a vegetarian having at least one vegetarian options (usually a veggie burger) and are also always will to make a salad and leave the meat off of it.

I also stock up on Lara Bars, or Kind Bars and nuts / trail mix while I travel, you never know when you may need a snack!


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