Christmas Spirit….

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday with your family and friends (furry or not).

My mutt helping to trim the tree!

My mutt helping to trim the tree!

Try to keep the spirit of Christmas with you throughout the year as there is always some one who could use a kind act to brighten up their day.


Helping to ease the pain

With the tragic events that unfolded last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT, I believe there is little I or anyone else can do or say to really ease the pain of the families effected by this shooting. Maybe understanding and closure will come with the uncovering of what led up to the gunman opening firing on these young innocent children.

They say that time heals all wounds, it seems unreal to think that everyone who lost a child, friend, family member, or teacher that day will ever be completely okay.  At least for now in Newtown victims can take a moment to forget with the comfort of therapy dogs.  There is little more comforting, in my opinion, then spending time with a dog when you are sad.  They provide you with their undivided attention, do not try to pretend they know what you are feeling.  They also do not pry and won’t force you to talk and will not talk back and try to explain and make things better.  Dogs just let you be for a moment and are more then willing just sit and be there for you in any way necessary.

That is exactly what ten Golden Retrievers from Chicago came to Newtown to do.

Therapy Dogs bring comfort to Newtown residents

Therapy Dogs in Newtown CT

While nothing can change the events that have happened Friday morning and there is no one cure to help ease the pain of those effected by this tragedy, I hope that the presence of some four-legged angels can bring peace to the towns residents.

Count on a Guinea Pig to Bring You Some Holiday Cheer

Guiniea Pigs make a great pet they are full of life and personality!!

If you are looking for a new addition to your family this Holiday Season remember Don’t Shop, Adopt. You can find a wide array of potential new family members at you local shelter. While volunteering at the ARL Boston in the past I saw all sorts of birds, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits in addition to dogs and cats. Occasionally a parrot, iguana, or chinchilla would pass through as well.