Happy Halloween!!

Hats and masks can scare some dogs so be cautious when approaching dogs you don’t know while out in costume tonight!


Happy Halloween from some of my favorite furry friends….

Beware of Shark

World’s Largest Hot Dog?!

Watson as a Shark


And a little fun with instaframe…..

Be Safe!!




Hurricane Sandy – Be Safe and Keep your pets safe!

Hope everyone effected by Hurricane Sandy has been safe and will continue to take precautions to stay safe during this unique storm! 

If you need to evacuate take your pets with you, too many animals are left behind during natural disasters.  I know in NYC they are allowing pets to accompany their owners into shelters.  Do your research early to find a safe place for you and your pet to go if necessary.

Be Safe! 

Can’t Believe My Eyes…

Saw this link posted on a friends Facebook page.

Such a sad story and and even sadder (and graphic) video associated with it.  An 18 month old rottweiler was shot repeatedly by a Nebraska Police officer who claims the dog was acting in an aggressive manner.  The shooting was caught on the family’s home surveillance system.  You can’t see what happened prior to the shooting but the dog was running away leading me to believe that his tragic death could have been prevented.

I feel terribly for the family, especially the kids.  If that was one of my dogs, or any dog I personally knew I would be enraged!

nebraska police officer shoots family pet



I know that there are two sides to every story but I do not feel as though this office should get away without any consequences after pepper spraying, shooting, killing, and trying to cover it up.