Meet my mutt…..Watson


Happy Belated National Mutt Day!!!!  (Which was apparently July 31, who knew?)

I figured this would be as good of a time as any to finally introduce the newest member of the family Watson!

He is a one and a half year old Jack Russel mix and was adopted a little over two months ago from the Medfield Animal shelter and has been keep us entertained since then.  This lil guy was found tied to a tree out in western Mass and was so skinny and covered with ticks.

Blatantly mistreated Watson should a bit territorial of toys and food, but has come a long way since first arriving home.  He will provide hours of entertainment chasing around balls the size of him in the backyard, and will become the sweetest little snuggle buddy after he has worn himself out.

Watson is the little brother to 10 year old Tibetan Terrier Toby, and they get along better than any of us in the family expected.  Dog siblings are just like human ones, they fight over toys, they don’t like to share, and Watson follows Toby around and will mimic what he is doing.  There is rarely a dull moment at parents house with these two pups around.


Toby and his new little brother Watson.